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About Us

Celebrating Life's Little Things

Welcome to Little Things, the inspired brainchild of Joanne Enders. Here, we champion the belief that greatness often comes from the smallest beginnings because it's always the little things. We celebrate the power of small moments, it's little things that make life a grand tapestry of experiences.

Art with a Soul

At Little Things, we create more than just apparel. Our designs are deeply woven with messages of spirituality, mindfulness, and artistic expression. We honor all professions as an art form, understanding that every endeavor - from coding to entrepreneurship - contributes unique threads to life's vibrant tapestry.

It's the Little Things Community

Our primary patrons are women aged 18-65 who understand the value of family - both born and chosen. They love finding inspiring merchandise that adds a touch of joy, thoughtfulness, and positivity to their loved ones' lives. They believe in the power of mindset and are determined to achieve anything they dream of.

Our Philosophy

"It's Little Things" - that's one of our favorite mottos. We believe in encouraging dreams from the littles to the adults. Like Joanne, we believe in the art in everything. We want our brand to be a reminder that IT'S LITTLE THINGS in life that move and chnage our world.

At Little Things, we believe in "It's Little Things". Every piece we create carries this spirit, making our apparel more than just clothes - they are wearable tokens of empowerment.

Join us in celebrating life's Little Things. Dream big, embrace your journey, and let your inner trailblazer shine.